MD2 Changes & Update

Despite some challenges, on the whole MD2 came through pretty well. Most of our issues arose from being the hybrid year between the old and new teaching (read: assessment) systems.

Progress testing
Like other years, MD2 felt the pressure of programmatic assessment of learning, which most interpreted as equating to our marks in the progress tests. Stress was high after the first and second PTs as uncertainty and misinformation about remediation was rampant. With time, and clearer communication from the school, we seem to have come to terms with PTs, even they’re by no means perfect.

Weekly quizzes
Earlier in the year weekly quizzes (which was our assessment in the absence of TBL) were initially a source of upset. With unclear expectations due to LO –> quiz question mismatch, they were difficult to study for, and were often poorly worded. After a shaky start (and a period of ~strong advocacy~) we were able to work with the school to achieve a compromise. Perhaps the proudest moment for MD2 was, amongst ourselves as a cohort, resolving a growing aggression towards weekly quiz presenters before it became a major issue. This earned us major brownie points with the school and should have saved our reputation on the wards. 
Heckin great cohort

The initiative of this cohort as a whole in using and strengthening lines of communication with the school (RIP Anna Vnuk’s spare time) really pulled us through a bumpy ride.
Yes, MD2, you smashed it.