Sponsors & Member Benefits

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Wright Evans Partners

Wright Evans Partners offer the full range of business and personal services expected
of a leading edge accounting firm from Accounting and Bookkeeping to Financial Business
or Estate Planning – both business and private. Tax returns and financial advice are provided
free for all FMSS members.

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BOQ Specialist

BOQ Specialist’s experience and dedicated service to doctors comes from experience
working with the sector for over 25 years. Our team of medical finance specialists understand
all of your business needs and personal finance requirements. FMSS members can access
grants and seek financial advice from BOQ any time throughout the degree!

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MIPS is a "Doctors for Doctors" organisation formed to support and protect the
character and interests of its members and promote honourable and discourage irregular
practice. Services include medico-legal and risk management advice; assistance and
protection for matters related to professional activities and medical indemnity insurance. Free
membership is available for all FMSS members.

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MIGA has supported the medical profession for over 100 years. They have a loyal
and growing client base nationally serviced by offices in Adelaide,Brisbane, Melbourne and
Sydney. To effectively deal with the needs of health care professionals our business structure
has developed over the years to incorporate an excellent blend of insurance, financial, legal
and medical expertise.

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Australia's largest medical defence organisation (MDO) and a not-for-
profitorganisation. Through their licensed insurance subsidiary, Avant Insurance Limited,
they provide indemnity insurance and support to more than 50,000 members. Free medical
indemnity insurance is provided to all FMSS members.

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MDA National

MDA National is a mutual Medical Defence Organisation (MDO), founded in
Perth. MDA National is a mutual organisation, with an elected Council of medical
practitioners who ensure that the interests of the profession are always at heart. Free
indemnity insurance is provided to all FMSS members.

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One of our most vital sponsors, UpCo jumped on board to give all FMSS
members $3 for any small coffee and $4 for any large coffee! Just show your FMSS key tag!

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Medshop Australia is Australia's leading provider of medical equipment and
medical devices. As a medical retailer, wholesaler and online store we are proud to offer a wide range of medical products to our customers around Australia.Medshop provide FMSS with all the prizes for the events we run!

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BMJ On Examination

With course changes and new assessments occurring, BMJ have
given us 15% off all their educational resources! Look out for the checkout code.