The Flinders Medical Students’ Society was established in 1975 and is the peak organisation representing medical students at Flinders for issues affecting students such as curriculum and teaching, internship places, and student wellbeing.

FMSS is the the best way for Medical Students to be heard by the College.
— College of Medicine and Public Health, 2017

FMSS has a membership base of over 600 medical students, comprising more than 95% of the medical student cohort at Flinders. Our members come from a wide range of age groups and professional and academic backgrounds, and this diversity is represented in the activities of our society. FMSS provides a range of academic, social and community-based activities aimed at ensuring student success during medical school and beyond.

Mission statement 2019:
FMSS is dedicated to developing a unified, positive culture within Flinders Medicine. We endeavour to engage, educate, support and advocate for our student body and wider community.

In 2019, our aims will be to:

  • To instil a culture of involvement, belonging, and community across the entire MD cohort

  • Continue to maintain focus of mental health within the committee and as an acting body for the students

  • To continue to create positive culture within the committee

  • To ensure the executive committee runs transparently and reports back to the rest of the committee regularly

  • To provide a scaffold of how to plan and run events in order to ensure accountability of committee members/portfolios and bolster event success and legitimacy

  • To create financial longevity beyond 2019

  • To explore and achieve the outsourcing of bookkeeping/ professionalisation of finance

  • To aim to engage and coordinate more successfully with other FM societies

  • Maintain the professional relationships with the college and wider community

  • Create a contingency plan in case committee members need to step down due to medical/personal reasons

The success of FMSS depends on the many medical students and staff who volunteer their time and skills, and also the generosity of our sponsors.

What We do

  • Represent student concerns to the Course Administration, College of Medicine, and University - and get results

  • Provide quality academic resources for members. From peer-teaching to clinical exam practice to up-to-date seminars.

  • Strengthen the collegiate culture within the MD programme, and foster inter-year engagement.

  • Supply financial support grants to members in need

  • Deliver access to clinicians and academics for career planning and development

  • Provide Medical Students with an opportunity to engage in our community

  • Organise fun and safe events for the MD cohort

  • Engage with medical students on a national and international level through the Australian Medical Association [AMA], Australian Medical Students’ Association [AMSA], and Australasian Students' Surgical Association [ASSC]