FMSS Behavioural Matrix

Please find the behavioural matrix for FMSS events on this page. The matrix details the way that any bad behaviour will be addressed at events held by FMSS, and events may require you to agree to the matrix upon buying a ticket.

Please know that the matrix has been developed based off several other similar policies from other universities, and is designed to ensure the safety of all event-goers.

This policy and matrix is designed to be implemented when students purchase memberships and as part of the terms and conditions when students sign up to social and academic events.


Behaviour Matrix 3.png


The Incident Response Group will determine categorisation/severity of offence at their discretion on a case-by-case basis

FMSS holds a zero-tolerance policy towards all illegal behaviours

FMSS reserves the right to notify the Police about any legal or criminal matters occurring at events

FMSS reserves the right to notify the School of Medicine about any behavioural issues at events

* the consequences for property damage will be based on the severity of the incident, and the damage costs will be covered by those responsible.

FMSS Position Statement
The Flinders Medical Students’ Society holds its members’ safety and wellbeing as an utmost priority. FMSS believes all its members should have the right to personal safety. Members have a right to feel safe when attending social and academic events, and in their study environment at the University. FMSS has zero tolerance for incidents such as sexual assault, drink spiking, and illicit drug use, distribution or possession. FMSS also has low tolerance for any incidents of physical assault, theft, property damage, harassment and disrespectful behaviour, whether that be verbal, emotional or physical. 

Members of FMSS are responsible for their own actions and will be held accountable by the FMSS Incident Response Group . FMSS cannot, and will not, protect members from persecution by the Police, or any other law enforcement agency, should they break the law.

Should a Member of FMSS be found to have stolen goods or damaged property, they will be requested to pay for damages and/or return/replace any stolen items.

FMSS reserves the right to evict any Member that contravenes the details of this document from any event and prohibit entry into subsequent FMSS events. Disciplinary action will be determined using the Behaviour Matrix below. 


  • Incident Response Group - includes the FMSS President, Senior Vice President, Vice President Internal, Vice President External and any event organisers.

  • FMSS event - Any academic or social event run under the banner of FMSS on Flinders University property or otherwise.

  • Major social event- Includes, but is not limited to, Med Ball and Med Camp. 

  • Harassment - Includes, but is not limited to, verbal or physical, name-calling, unwanted attention or offensive remarks, cyberbullying, aggressive or intimidating behaviour.

  • Physical assault- any intentional and unwanted physical force used against a victim. For example, punching, hitting or kicking a person. Assault can occur even without physical contact. If a threat is made to apply force and the victim reasonably believes that the person can carry out the threat or there is a real possibility that they will.

  • Sexual assault- As defined in SA legislation.