MD1 Update

2017 can be written as the year that the Flinders University School of Medicine fully implemented Programmatic Assessment for Learning (PAL) and along side it Team Based Learning (TBL). Our school year started off with Problem Based Learning in which students were able to converse and work together in small groups to obtain knowledge necessary shown in the Learning Objectives.

The switch to TBL was made after 8 weeks as PAL has been found to enhance student’s abilities to become independent self-regulated learners, an essential skill for later in our careers, as well as maintaining small teams in order to continue to peer-to-peer support that is appreciable throughout the whole cohort. Whilst this was a completely new idea for students, it was also a new teaching style that many staff and clinicians were not familiar with. This resulted in some hiccups along the way but alterations have been made through the hard work of the School. It is now evident that the clinicians, staff, and students are comfortable with this new teaching style and are excited to see where it can take them.


Jonathan Winch

FMSS MD1 Representative

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