Self Care

Self Care


It's okay to not be okay. Medical school will present a unique set of challenges and experiences which can at times be overwhelming. It can be stressful and demanding so ensure you take time out for yourself and find ways to relax.

Also, Speak up! There is so much support around you, you will never be alone. Your year will become your pseudo family so speak to your peers, counsellors and teaching staff. If you are worried about someone, don’t be afraid to say something.



The simple economic reality of life is that many students need to work part time to fund their way through university. It is possible to work while studying medicine but it requires great discipline and time management skills. You will have an opportunity to pick the brain of other students who have worked in 1st year as part of the FMSS question and answer session on the first day of the year. Please understand that the University's official position is that the degree is a full time commitment so you can expect very little in the way of accommodation on the topic.

Medicine does take up a lot of your time but try to keep up with things you like doing outside of study e.g. sports, hobbies, relaxing. You need to remain sane to get through this degree (duh) and having a life outside of medicine where you see your family and friends, and do things you enjoy will make your life so much easier and more enjoyable.  



Okay so number one coffee joint is Urban Paddock Co(UPCO) in the Hub, and as FMSS members you will be able to get a large coffee for $4, and a small for $3.

Other (inferior) coffee places are Grind & Press (Hub), T Bar (FMC) Hudson's (Flinders Private), Theo’s (FMC) and Spots (FMC).

There are some great food spots at Flinders, both in the hospital and the Hub. Again, Theo’s and Spots have the widest range of food options in FMC. The Hub has a huge range including Parwana (Afghan food), Subway, Burger Theory in the Tav, Toly’s (Vietnamese). UPCO, Grind & Press and Nutrition Republic provide a wide variety of different lunch and snack options as well.


FMSS Hardship Grants

FMSS offers a range of financial support to get you out of a bind.