New Student Guide


This article is intended to give you almost everything you need to know to make your transition to Medicine to Flinders University as smooth as possible. Much of the information contained within can be found on various pages on the Flinders University Student Website, and will be provided by the College of Medicine and Public Health.  

We just want to end with one final note: remember, we made it through MD1, so there’s no reason you can’t too!

Remember that you can find more information on FLO, and that the academics are there to help you succeed in all of these areas. We are incredibly lucky to have such passionate, committed academics at the helm of our medical family. Your first year studying medicine will teach you a lot more about yourself than you realise.

Try not to make medicine your life - it can consume you, so don’t forget your pre-med life (i.e. friends, family and activities/fitness). Take it a day at a time, and enjoy the #medlyfe (NEVER use this hashtag).

Congratulations and welcome to medical school.


With Love, 



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