Welcome to our 2019 FMSS committee!

We are excited to introduce you to the incoming FMSS committee for 2019, as elected at the 2018 AGM:

President - Jarrod Hulme-Jones

Senior Vice-President - Diana Hancock

Vice President (internal) - Emerson Krstic

Vice President (external) - Mia Shepherdson

Secretary - Helen Bui

Treasurer - Joel Chempisseril

Director of Sponsorship - Suzannah Michell

AMSA Representative - Leah Moffat

Clinical Science Representatives - Midhun John, Minjoo Kwon

MD2 Representative - Conor Keely

MD3 Representative - Lewis Hewton

MD4 Representative - Lachlan Kerr

International Representative - Ther Lawson Lim

PRCC Representatives - Matilda Smale, Connor McPhail

Director of Publications - Ysabella Tyllis

Directors of IT - Shrirajh Satheakeerthy, Emily Drum

Directors of Social Activities - Grace Berwald, Jemima Staude

Director of Community Activities - Elle Robertson

Director of Education - Sam Paull

Director of Health, Wellbeing & Anti-Discrimination - Maryam Khan

Director of Women’s Activities - Alice Short

Director of Engagement - Marie Li

Director of Marketing - Ricki Byas

O Week Convenors - Nibir Chowdhury, Kimberly Lai

Grad Week Convenor - Nicola Robinson

Internship Convenor - Georgia Glass

Congratulations team! <3