Women's Portfolio 2017

The Women’s Officer team in 2017 has focused on bringing perspectives on women’s health and its intersection with cultural practices, systemic sexism, and gendered violence to interested students. Continuing on from the incredible calendar built up by the 2016 Women’s Officer, amongst the plethora of other FMSS events we have been privileged to welcome back two powerful sessions:

•    Yarrow Place Rape and Sexual Assault Service to facilitate a workshop on recognising and responding to sexual assault, and

•    Khadija Gbla, Executive Director of No FGM Australia to provide a training session around Female Genital Mutilation, its history, impacts, recognition and management in Australia.
Based on positive feedback from 2016 attendees we were privileged to have Khadija’s content sponsored by the school itself, demonstrating the importance of her message. We were also very grateful to have the support of Ass. Prof. Rosalie Grivell who gave up her time to provide a preparatory evening for interested students to discuss anything and everything related to obstetrics, gynaecology and female reproductive anatomy so that attendees could get the most out of learning about FGM.   

The Women’s Officer has an incredibly broad jurisdiction and we are excited to see what the 2018 team choose to focus on as this young portfolio continues to grow.

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