Every week, there are learning objectives released by the course coordinator.

They are there to guide your learning, and everyone utilises them differently, but ensure when studying for the week’s content you cover those points. Try not to narrow down your study to only the learning objectives, but include your lectures in your study, and read widely.

A common adage is "lectures provide an insight into the depth to go into, and LO's the breadth".

If you ever need some guidance, have a look at the MD Google Drive → KHI→ PBL Notes → Supernotes. They are notes from people over the last few years. The course used to have PBL cases, so the learning objectives are not all the same, but if you do some searching you will find a few that cross over and you can get an idea about how much to include in your notes.

FMSS strives to run 'peer teaching' sessions every week, whereby upper years give a presentation summarising the learning objectives for that week. Great for asking questions and reinforcing your understanding.

Overall, remember to understand the bigger picture of the week and how the learning objectives fit into this. FMSS organises peer teaching which is run by second years; use this as a chance to fact check, not to learn everything in one session.