General Tips

We know you are incredibly excited to start and we remember being in your shoes, so as you begin the first few weeks keep some of these tips in mind:


  1. Invest time to come into uni. Attend lectures, go to pracs and make an effort to catch up with your TBL/Clin Skills groups to do group study sessions.

  2. Bring food to share and make studying easier and fun! This is how your friendships and memories will develop so enjoy every part of it. You have to immerse yourself to get the best out of medical school.

  3. You will quickly realise how different things will be from your undergraduate or previous work, and it will be a steep adjusting process. It's okay, you will try many different things and find what works best for you.

  4. Remember, you will come across many incredibly intelligent people, so don’t compare or be critical of yourself. Everyone brings a unique set of experiences so learn from each other, and we understand it can be difficult when some of your peers seem to breeze through things.

  5. This is a hard one to grasp: You are FINALLY IN medical school. You have made it, you got through, and you are no longer in competition.

  6. Unlike previously, it is not about getting the best marks, or the highest score, it’s about understanding, and asking yourself week-to-week, have I understood the physiology, the anatomy, and how is this clinically relevant. Everything you learn is to treat YOUR future patients – so put in what you would want your doctor to put in.

  7. First semester will be going over the basics, both on the science front, but also clinically – you will do history taking etc. However, as you progress to second semester you will notice how the disease processes you learn about, and the clinical skill questions you ask, will overlap.

  8. Lastly, get involved in everything you can, attend all events run by societies: learn life skills and go to social events, becoming a well-rounded doctor starts with becoming a well-rounded person so make sure to enjoy life too!