Wireless Internet Access

There are two wireless networks available on the University and Medical School Campus. One is provided by Flinders University and the other by AARNet (Australia's Academic and Research Network). The Flinders University wireless network requires you to login via a web interface every time you want to use it which is extreemely frustrating. The AARNet network (eduroam) uses industry standard WEP2 authentication and security so will login automatically for you every time. Also eduroam is provided in every university campus in Australia so you will still have access if your working somewhere other than Flinders.

Note: Eduroam authenticates against the University sytems not the Med School so the password is the one used to access https://stuadmin.flinders.edu.au

Microsoft Windows

The university have provided a detailed guide on how to get it working on Windows computers as it takes a bit of effort the first time.

Apple Mac

Click on the wireless icon in the top right of your screen. Choose 'eduroam' from the list of available networks. Enter your username and password. Done!