MedRevue 2019 - Fantastic Deans and Where to Find Them


MedRevue 2019 - Fantastic Deans and Where to Find Them

from 17.00

Doors open at 7:00pm, curtains at 7:30pm
Sat 5th Oct, and Sun 6th Oct
Domain Theatre, Marion Cultural Centre

FMSS tickets for members only (not family and friends, sorry!).

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Harry and his friends begin their first year of medical school at the prestigious Flinders University. Soon after arriving, he discovers that his future of medicine at Flinders is not at all what he expected. Under the new Dean of the school, Professor Umbridge, clinical application and medical physiology has been replaced with essential oils and homeopathy. After discovering that Umbridge had led a coup against the previous Dean, Dr. Albumin Dumbledore and banished him within the depths of Flinders Medical Centre, Harry and his friends embark on a wild ride through the perils found within. Can they save Dumbledore and bring back the school to former glory?

Don't be a muggle, join a night of MAGIC with Harry and co fighting against the evil plans of Umbridge and restructure!