Some of the learning coaches form years 1 and 2 want to know from the 3rd year cohort how you are finding all the paper work. This is because they are integrating Mohara online journals with all our paper-work. Some of the major issues raised have been:

1.    Supervisors who sign forms are not the people who are witnessing your work on wards

2.    Signing so many forms creates an awkward relationship with your team

3.    Some rotations are poorly structured to get certain forms signed. 

Below is a to a quick survey, as much feedback as possible would be very much appreciated

I have done the following rotations thus far *
choose more than one if applicable
I am required to do the following paperwork *
Tick all that apply
I feel that I am managing the paperwork demanded every 5 weeks for GAP assessment: *
I get my learning journals signed *
be honest <3
When my supervisor sees me for my GAP meetings, I feel they have a good understanding of my participation and competence *
When asking a supervisor to fill out forms I think they are taking the time to properly review my performance... *
or that they have just gotten used to signing things off for us?
Overall I think the paperwork is: *
you can be anonymous if you want [not required]