How To: Electives


  1. Research potential elective locations to find out about application process
    • Gather the required documentation
      This may include your transcript, letters of recommendation, proof of insurance
  2. Email the program to express your interest and ask questions
  3. If you wish to do your elective if North America or NSW you need to submit a special request to under take 3x4-week electives rather than the traditional 2x6-week electives
  4. Wait for the College to provide you with the dates of your electives
  5. Once you have the dates, submit your application to the programs you are interested in
  6. Once you are accepted, complete the university application form (available on FLO) and attach the required documents. This must be done a full 6 weeks before the elective is due to commence:
    1. Written confirmation of acceptance
    2.  Copy of your travel itinerary
    3.  Print out of current DFAT advice* (
    4. Proof of travel insurance
    5. Proof of personal health insurance
    6. Proof that advice has been obtained from your General Practitioner, Flinders Health and Counselling or The Travel Doctor on health risks that may be encountered for 3 rd world/developing countries.
    7.  Your contact details e.g. address and phone number (in the country of elective)
    8.  Your next of kin contact details e.g. address and phone number
    9. If planning to travel to a country which is listed as ‘high degree of caution’. You must agree that you havehave conducted a detailed risk analysis and have created effective contingency plans to manage the potential risks identified.
  7. Have an amazing time on your elective
  8. At the end of your elective, have your supervisor complete you assessment form and return it to the MCD as soon as possible.
  9. Make a poster about one of your elective experiences and submit it on FLO. Alternatively, you can elect to give a presentation about your elective (only available to students who are in Adelaide during term 8)

If you want to complete your elective within the Flinders axis, in Adelaide the NT or rural South Australia, you will need to wait until all core terms have been allocated before applying through the university's online allocator 


Application Form    |     Assessment Form

(As of October 2017, see Flo for the most recent forms)