Flinders Medical Students' Society

Intern Crisis 2016


Recently the number of internship positions in South Australia have been decreased to the point that locally trained medical students are at risk of missing out on an internship. Without this, they are unable to gain registration or work in Australia.

FMSS, AMSS and AMSA have collated the latest figures for predicted Intern requirements over the next few years and it's not a pleasant read. It's clear that unless there is a sudden and dramatic change from State and Federal Governments, in the next few years students will be unable to get employment and registration to practice in Australia.

Intern YearFLD SA CSPFLD IntFLD NTADL CSPADL IntTotalShortfallDomestic Shortfall
2016 105 18 25 145 25 318 46 4
2017 113 26 30 156 19 344 67 22
2018 118 14 25 168 34 359 87 39
2019 123 17 29 134 38 341 65 10

To understand more about how this has come about, see our earlier article about the reduction in internship positions in South Australia.

18/10/15 - The Advertiser (Medical students fear there will not be enough intern placements)

Medical students fear there will not be enough hospital internships available for them at South Australian hospitals in coming years, leaving them unable to be registered as doctors...

19/10/15 - AMSA (SA Government to Breach Agreement and Leave Medical Graduates Without Jobs)

The Australian Medical Students’ Association (AMSA) is concerned by projections that domestic medical graduates from South Australia will be unable to find internships as of 2017. AMSA is projecting that up to 22 domestic graduates will miss out on internships in 2017, and up to 39 in 2018...

19/10/15 - AMA (South Australia reneges on medical intern places agreement)

AMA President, Professor Brian Owler, said today that the Commonwealth needs to hold the South Australian Government to account over its failure to commit to providing enough medical internships to meet the growing number of graduates from South Australian medical schools...

19/10/15 - AMA(SA) DiT (Letter to The Hon. Jack Snelling MP)

AMA(SA) Doctors in Training Committee have written to The Hon. Jack Snelling MP, Minister for Health and Ageing requesting action on this issue.

28/10/15 - SAMET (Response from SAMET)

After a meeting with Professor Kevin Forsyth, he provided this response with regards to the lack of internship positions within South Australia.

30/10/15 - AMA(SA) (Challenges for medical training in SA)

Medical training in SA faces a number of looming challenges, many of which appear to be unrecognised or underestimated by both levels of government. In this article, Dr Tom Crowhurst looks at some of the key issues at a federal and state level.

17/11/15 - SA Health (Meeting with Department for Health and Ageing Chief Executive Mr David Swan)

Representatives from AMSA, AMSS and FMSS met with the South Australian Department for Health and Ageing Chief Executive Mr David Swan to discuss the issue.

07/01/16 - AMSA, AMSS & FMSS (An Open Letter to SA Medical Students)

As a result of much hard work AMSA, AMSS and FMSS have released a joint open letter to all South Australian medical students.