Flinders Medical Students' Society


The Academic division of FMSS plays a crucial role in providing support for medical students in order to help them thrive in their academic preparations. Two key components that are constantly addressed are, mental and academic support for new students in order to help them accommodate to the new setting and environment, and additional academic support by means of seminars and workshops for senior level students. We also actively seek opportunities to work with other divisions of FMSS and other student societies from time to time. The academic division thus constantly ensures that the academic needs of the students are met adequately.

Some of the events we currently running are:

  • Mentoring support for first year med students
  • Peer level tutoring for first year med students from second year students
  • Monthly autopsy visits
  • A yearly second hand book sale
  • Seminars, workshops and more academic activities are planned throughout the rest of the year.